Fines for cabin camping only in the act

With the new EU rules for cabin camping: ‘Fines for cabin camping only in the act’

With the new rules for cabin camping, truck drivers do not have to prove that they have spent the normal weekly rest (the 45-hour rest) outside the cabin. That is what the German branch organization DSLV says.

According to DSLV, the European Commission wrote this to the IRU.Enforcement officers are not allowed to ask drivers for proof that the 45-hour rest was not spent in the cabin. An invoice from a hotel or other proof is therefore no longer necessary’

The EU refers to Article 36/165/2014 ‘Records to be carried by the driver’ as the basis for taking this position. It clearly states what a driver must be able to demonstrate to an enforcement officer. There is no proof of spending 45 hours outside the cabin.

An enforcement officer may only impose fines for regularly breaking the cabin camping rule if the driver is caught red-handed in the event of a violation. In that case, he can therefore also be hurled on the receipt for earlier violations, if this is found when reading the tachograph.

In the event that an enforcement officer nevertheless issues a fine for cabin camping for missing evidence, the EC advises reporting to the government to obtain a refund of the fine.

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