Volvo Trucks Sells First Electric Trucks to Selected Markets in Europe

Volvo Trucks announced the start of sales of Volvo FL and Volvo FE electric trucks in selected markets within Europe, including for distribution and refuse collection, as the region faces increasing demand for environmentally conscious urban transport.

Volvo Electric Truck
Volvo Electric Truck

One challenge is to maximize the payload at the same time as optimizing the driving range, according to Volvo Trucks, a unit of Gothenburg, Sweden-based Volvo Group.

“Volvo Trucks’ solutions will be based on individual business needs that consider a number of parameters, such as driving cycles, load capacity and route analysis, to use the battery capacity in the most efficient way possible,” Jonas Odermalm, vice president of product line electromobility, said in a release.

Sales will start in Sweden, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, France and the Netherlands. The start of serial production is planned for March. The Volvo FL Electric has capacity for a gross vehicle weight of 16 tons, while the GVW of the Volvo FE Electric is 27 tons.

Read the full Press release on Volvo Electric Trucks


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