Shaping Future Transportation 2015 – Campus Safety – Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicles Safety Range; Sprinter, Travego, Actros, Future Truck 2025 (LTR)

Europe leads the world in efficient, clean, quiet and practical vans, trucks and buses.

  • Commercial vehicles come in all shapes and sizes, fulfilling a huge range of functions: mini-buses, articulated buses, urban delivery vans, container trucks, ambulances, fire trucks, dumpers, crane trucks, pick-up trucks, car transporters and many more.
  • Transporting 18 billion tonnes of goods per year, trucks deliver 75% of all goods carried over land in Europe.
  • Trucks and vans provide an efficient, door-to-door mode of transport, making the link between producers, businesses and consumers.
  • About 90% of the value of all goods in Europe is transported by truck.
  • 85% of all goods carried by trucks are transported over short distances of less than 150 km.
  • 18% of the world’s trucks, vans and buses are manufactured in the EU (2.4 million units).
  • European trucks are first choice around the globe. In 2015, exports of heavy-duty vehicles generated a trade balance surplus of €4.8 billion.
  • Europe’s vans, trucks and buses are the most technologically-advanced, cleanest, safest and quietest in the world.
  • The introduction of EURO VI has been a major achievement for trucks and buses, with regulated emissions being slashed to near-zero levels, down 98% since 1990.
  • Trucks’ fuel consumption – and therefore CO2 emissions – have decreased by 60% since 1965.
  • Buses are the most widely used and cost-efficient mode of collective passenger transport, taking us 527 billion km every year.
  • Many of our other essential public services are delivered by trucks and vans: postal and courier services; emergency services; and waste management.

Road freight transport is the backbone of trade and commerce on the European continent. Trucks carry 75% of freight transported over land, delivering 14 billion tonnes of goods per year.

Buses are the most widely-used form of public transport in the EU, serving cities as well as suburban and rural areas. They are also the most cost-efficient and flexible form of public transport, requiring minimal investments to launch new lines or routes.

Vans are key players in the logistics chain, enabling the ‘last mile’ delivery of goods in urban areas. Largely used by SMEs as business tools, vans power the European economy, helping businesses to thrive.