Driver training mandatory on the Smart Tachograph (06/06/19)

The new generation of tachographs is already in use in the first vehicles and from 15.06.2019 mandatory for vehicles registered for the first time. But many entrepreneurs do not seem to attach any importance to the introduction of the new, intelligent tachograph. What is new, what has to be considered and does the driver know how to use the new functions?

European Court of Justice judgment on the recording of working hours (29/05/19)

A recent ruling by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) is once again causing a stir and excitement. There is the talk of bureaucracy monsters and regression in the age of trust work. It is about the obligation to record the working hours of employees. What will the decision really change in the company?

Evaluation of driver infringements (17/05/19)

Apparently, there is evaluation software that selects the most favourable variant for the driver in the assessment of breaches of the daily rest period. Thus, those programs consider the reference period between two weekly rest periods as a whole and the lowest infringement. This is not legal so try proDRIVERS IDHA to stay compliant.

Control of the tachograph (10/5/19)

Several times we had reported on the duty to evaluate the driver cards. Unfortunately, the practice looks very different. Hardly any company seems to implement this obligation. Fines in the four- to the five-digit range are therefore the order of the day.

Privacy / Data Protection – now in the tachograph (03/05/19)

The EU General Data Protection Regulation is engaged or rather obstructs, the business processes since May 2018. However, there are certain important aspects that speak in favour of such a regulation. But who would have thought that this topic even accompanies us with the digital tachograph? What impact does data protection have on daily operations and telematics systems?

The company card for the self-employed driver (28/04/19)

Self-employed drivers, who like to call themselves invoicer, are now hard to be found. This refers to drivers who rent out themselves and make themselves available to the various transport companies as drivers. Does such a self-employed driver need a company card? Is he therefore also affected by all the entrepreneurial obligations regarding the use of such a company card?

The Digitacho in the so-called Sprinter class >2.8t (11/04/19)

In several contributions, the topic was highlighted from different sides. Mostly it was about the question of whether in this vehicle class a digital tachograph must be installed. In other cases, the widespread misconception was highlighted that a digital tachograph must be used in principle if such a device is installed. Current questions on the subject, however, show that here the danger of misinterpretation seems to be very high.

Download Tachograph – archiving gaps

Again and again, there are archiving gaps when downloading tachograph. This raises the question of how this can happen. Is it the download medium, the settings, the software or the digital tachograph itself? What can the entrepreneur do to archive the missing data?

Exchanging old older digital tachographs – does this really have to be?

Countless violations that have come to light during RSA inspections often lead to over-hasty action by companies. The only solution seems to be the exchange of tachographs in these cases, without really having examined the causes. Because a new device is not self-explanatory. And often the mistakes are somewhere else, as the entrepreneur believes.

The company card – worth knowing about

What is the purpose of the company card and when does it need to be used? What is a company lock? What mistakes can be made in dealing with the company card?