Owning or operating a commercial vehicle or fleet of them carries with it important responsibilities around driver hours, tachograph management, vehicle testing and maintenance and knowing about vehicle standards.

Maintaining your vehicles
You need to keep your vehicle and trailers in a roadworthy condition all the time and not just when you are preparing for an annual test.

Vehicle Safety Checks
Driving for work involves a risk not only for the driver, but also for fellow workers and members of the public, such as pedestrians and other road users. All organisations requiring their employees to drive in the course of their work should have robust procedures in place regarding the safety of vehicles.

Key rules for digital drivers
Some good habits for drivers of vehicles fitted with digital tachographs

Key rules for analogue drivers
If you are driving a vehicle which does not have a digital tachograph fitted but comes under the driver hours rules then you should record your hours using an analogue chart.

Operator licensing
Operator licensing for both haulage and passenger vehicles.
Note. Publication of Convictions: In circumstances where a person or operator is convicted of a road transport related offence, details of the conviction (including name and penalty applied) will be published on the RSA website at www.rsa.ie

Commercial vehicle legislation

There are many pieces of legislation which commercial vehicle owners and drivers should adhere to.


Staff Training

Minimum Wages