The normal driving and rest times will apply from 1 June


In all European countries, normal driving and rest times will apply again from Monday 1 June. The exception to the regulations allowed by the European Commission laid down in Reg. 561/2006 is valid until May 31 and is not extended.

In recent weeks, there have been very different regulations in the European Member States. It was therefore almost impossible for international journeys to determine which standard would apply, especially for standards covering a longer period. Enforcers are expected to take this into account.

See all exception different regulations in the European Member States

From June 1, the usual driving and rest time standards will apply again in all countries. In exceptional cases, if special circumstances arise that were previously unknown, Article 12 may be invoked to reach a stop. The driver must then make a print-out and write down the reason for the deviation. Whether this is honoured is at the discretion of the enforcement officer.



of 15 March 2006
on the harmonisation of certain social legislation relating to road transport

Article 12
Provided that road safety is not thereby jeopardised and to enable the vehicle to reach a suitable stopping place, the driver may depart from Articles 6 to 9 to the extent necessary to ensure the safety of persons, of the vehicle or its load. The driver shall indicate the reason for such departure manually on the record sheet of the recording equipment or on a printout from the recording equipment or in the duty roster, at the latest on arrival at the suitable stopping place.