proDRIVERS IDHA analysis system and remote downloading with Volvo Trucks – Dynafleet, MAN’s – Logiweb, Scania’s – Fleet Management System and Daimler’s Fleet Board in Tachograph Collaboration 

IDHA Sweden AB has developed a new integration system for transport operators which enables a company/users to automatically copy and transmit tachograph data from trucks, vans and buses directly to the web-based analysis system of proDRIVERS IDHA.

Remote Digital Tachograph Data Download and Vehicle Tracking with GPRS, WiFi and Remote TCP/IP

Remote Digital Tachograph Data Download and Vehicle Tracking with GPRS, WiFi and Remote TCP/IP

Transport Operators that use the Manufactures fleet management system like Dynafleet from Volvo Trucks, Logiweb from MAN, Scania’s Fleet Management System or Daimler’s FleetBoard can now send tachograph data directly toproDRIVERS IDHA.

The fleet management system supports transport operators with follow-ups of fuel consumption, emissions and proactive control of the driving hours’ regulation, vehicle positioning, message service for driver communication and remote digital tachograph download.

Data from digital tachographs can now be transmitted automatically through the manufacturers fleet management system to the web-based proDRIVERS IDHA analysis system, no matter where the driver and the vehicle are currently located in Europe and beyond. proDRIVERS IDHA stores and post-process the tachograph data in order to help the driver and the transport operators to abide by the laws and rules concerning digital tachographs. The driver, if away from the base can have his own private log-in to proDRIVERS IDHA analysis systems to ensure he is compliant.

For the transport manager the manual work with downloading copying and transmitting vehicle data, chasing the driver for the drivers’ card is now over and done with, value time saved by the transport manager to concentrate other important tasks in his daily work, says Walter in proDRIVERS IDHA