Reducing Speeding in Europe

Report on speeding and the vital role of in-vehicle technology

Speeding remains a significant problem in many European countries according to new research published yesterday by the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC). The findings come ahead of an important vote in the European Parliament on Thursday on the future mandatory in-vehicle safety technologies.

Some of the countries with the best safety records in Europe have lower standard speed limits on rural roads, including Sweden at 70km/h with 27 deaths per million inhabitants. Norway (26), Switzerland (26), Denmark (37) and the Netherlands (37) all set the limit at 80km/h.

We need an EPDA speed awareness course for all secondary school students at the junior cycle should be implemented with the theme “crash course – experience reality – really hard” presented by the Garda traffic department, firefighters, emergency counselors, emergency physicians and traffic accident victims or their relatives report on their experiences and make the novice drivers aware what can happen, if road users act inadvertently or ignore rules of the road, such as speed limits red light and traffic signs.