The professional driver has been the backbone of the road transport sector since before the formation of any state. However, because of the isolated nature of the role and the irregular working patterns, drivers have never been able to communicate directly their views to the authorities and agencies charged with road traffic and transport legislation.

Driver’s interests have been represented by the employer and employee representative bodies. Communicating ideas, concerns and information has always been through a third party, diluting the message and more importantly not communicating responses.

Through the EPDA drivers can now make their views, ideas and opinions known without the assistance of employers or unions. The EPDA gathers and communicates the matters that concern professional drivers directly to the necessary communities.

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Are the Wheels Coming Off Driver CPC?


“The European Parliament’s transport committee has backed changes to professional driver training rules that could lead to large numbers of lorries being driven by drivers who have received no professional training in addition to their regular HGV driving license. Is this a wind-down of Driver CPC? …… more

Professional Drivers Can Help reduce fatalities
Statistics show that Dublin, Cork and Galway had the highest number of Road Traffic Collision (RTC) fatalities in November and December and accounted for almost 32% , that one in three of the total number of fatalities that occurred.

The most prevalent times of day were between 16.00 – 20.00 33% and 12.00-16.00 23%, followed by 00.00-06.00 22%. Read more……….

2017 Driver Health & Wellness Survey 


The 2017 EPDA driver wellness survey was undertaken to gain an insight into the health of our long distance coach and HGV drivers. Significantly the initial results are showing that the role of the long-distance driver should come with serious health warnings.  It is important at this point to say that there are some long-distance drivers who are in good general health however they are very much so in the minority. ….read more


The EPDA delivers the state of our long-haul Driver Health. An in-depth insight into the health and conditions of our long-haul truck and coach drivers is due in January. Listen to a sneak preview of some startling facts.



Truckers had enough of unworkable political interventions and take matters into their own hands. Below is a report from yesterdays France 24. 
Hundreds of truckers blocked France’s borders with Italy and Belgium on Tuesday, angry at EU rule changes that they say fail to protect them from low-cost eastern European competition. … more