Permitted breaches


driving in snow
driving in snow

There are rare occasions where a driver may breach the rules on drivers’ hours. As long as road safety is not jeopardised, a driver may depart from the EU rules to the extent of time that is necessary to allow him or her to reach a suitable stopping place.


In this situation, drivers must note all the reasons for breaching the EU rules on the back of their tachograph record sheets (if using an analogue tachograph) or on a printout or temporary sheet (if using a digital tachograph) once they reach the suitable stopping place.

However, this relaxation of the rules cannot be viewed as a “back up” by operators, thus allowing them to push drivers to get as much driving done per day as possible. Repeated and regular occurrences of drivers relying on this point might indicate to enforcement officers that employers are not scheduling work to enable compliance with the applicable rules.


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