Caught: Driving without drivers card

Again and again, it happens that drivers drive without a driver card. The reasons are manifold. There are cases where the driver has lost his driver card or the purse and driver card was stolen. But even a defective driver card may be the cause for driving without driver card.

Which transport operator is spotting it?
And what does the responsible person have to do then?

In a recent case, the driving without driver card was noticed after 90 days, the 90 days digital tachograph download. The driver had not reported the incident, which may be legal in individual cases. Of course, the operator now fears consequences and now wants to do everything right, at least subsequently.

How does the transport operator behave correctly?

Since the event can not be undone, it is all the more important to fully deal with the case. Of course, it is essential that such situations are noticed. Although this was done quite late, in this case, it was at least noticed. As already reported several times, driving without drivers card in most companies is not checked and therefore also not notice. However, such an examination is mandatory for every evaluation. Good software enables the presentation of all vehicle movements without a driver card at a glance.

Of course, in this case, it must be clarified immediately why was there a period of driving without driver card? Is there a legitimate reason because the driver card was lost, damaged or stolen, then the corresponding documentation has to be checked and noticed with full details. The daily printouts from the driver will be duly completed and archived for safety reasons.

Has the driver forgotten the driver card at home or did not inserted the driver card out of carelessness, then we have a violation. It is important then to inform the driver immediately about his misconduct. He immediately needs to be clearly instructed no driving without driver card and in case of forgetting the driver card at home, to inform the operator immediately, so the company can reschedule accordingly. Both the instruction and the instructions should be made in writing just in case the operator will have to provide proof of this. It makes sense, then to instruct the driver once again on the legal consequences. In particular, under what conditions may be driven without drivers card and what duties the driver has in such a case, this must be part of this instruction. Of course, the operator should also document this instruction in writing with the driver’s signature.

Incidentally, the digital tachograph is not reporting an error in the versions since October 2011, if the tachograph still has the OUT of Scope mode on. So it can happen accidentally that the driver started without his driver card. But latest, at the first stop, the driver should note the incorrect operation of the time group switch, as the OUT is in the display.


Conclusion: The case shows once again how important the regular and proper control of digital data is. Download driver card every 21 to 28 days and we suggest also the digital tachograph. Much easier and simpler with a remote download of drivers card and tachograph on a daily basis. Only in this way can mistakes be immediately recognized. And only then does the operator have the opportunity to counteract directly. If he does not do this, he will have to accept the reproach of omission. Because the transport operator basically has to do everything reasonable to prevent breaches of regulations in his company.