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In our driving- and resting period blog, you will regularly read news about the topic. Blog author Walter, member of the Tachografenforum of the EU with EFAS 5 from Intellic, also a certified digital tachograph and driver card data analyst and a certified digital tachograph calibration train the trainer, will be happy to keep you up to date on changes and report on his everyday education on the subject. Valuable tips and frequent mistakes are expertly explained.

Transport Companies Mandatory Training

In Article 33 of the “new” Tachograph Regulation (EU) No. 165/2014 is probably the best known. There are many myths surrounding the “new” training requirement for transport operators.
But is the obligation really new?

Caught: Driving without drivers card

Again and again, it happens that drivers drive without a driver card. The reasons are manifold. There are cases where the driver has lost his driver card or the purse and driver card was stolen. But even a defective driver card may be the cause for driving without driver card.

Control practice at a roadside checks

What are the road checks, what is the focus of the officials? How are violations of driving time and rest periods punished? What is actually checked with regard to social regulations? Such and similar questions occupy not only drivers but also businessmen.

The transporter class and the digital tachograph 

There are thousands of vans on our roads. What about this record of driving and rest periods? Are the records on daily control sheets sufficient or must a digital tachograph be installed? Many of these vehicles are used by a craftsman. These are exempt from the obligation to record within the framework of the craftsman’s regulation. Does this also apply if a digital tachograph is installed in the vehicle? Or does a driver card generally have to be used in these cases?

OUT mode in the tachograph. See when it is possible not to register driving time 

Tachographs accompany professional drivers almost every second of their work. There are exceptions, however, when drivers can forget about it for a while – it’s a rest at home, holidays or … driving. Exactly! The tachograph may not record the driver’s working time in some situations.

Will there be special regulations for bus/coach drivers in the EU driver hours regulation? 

Following intensive lobbying by the bus companies, from AT, BE, DK DE, ES, FR, IT, NL and SE some members of the European Parliament’s Transport Committee have called for different special rules for the driving time and rest periods of bus/coach drivers.

The responsibility of the client/subcontractor

This question arises again and again, especially in the case of the transport supply chains, that is when transport orders are placed by several parties. Whether it is freight or passenger transport, the situation is the same in both cases. Many see it as the responsibility of the transporting operator to ensure compliance.

Out of Scope – what is it?

The biggest myth about the minute’s rule

European Public holidays with a driving ban