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A professional driver is someone who is paid to drive a vehicle and he is either employed  by a transport operator (goods or passengers), self-employed or Owner Driver and he could be your neighbor or just someone you know, is he/she the Taxi driver, Chauffeur, Pay driver, Test driver, Delivery driver, Bus driver, Truck driver, Tram Driver and Train Driver.


True Professional Drivers are Always Professional; a professional driver has nothing to do with the type of vehicle a person is driving and everything to do with the mentality of the driver. Allow me to explain… (read the full Article)

The Professional Delivery driver

The Professional Delivery driver

The Professional Delivery driver; is someone driving a vehicle weighing less than 3.5 tonnes. They work for a variety of businesses and deliver all types of goods and merchandise, from linens, uniforms and food to cash and furniture. Some drive an established route, while others drive to different locations every day (Driving License B and BE)

The Professional Bus driver

The Professional Bus driver

The Professional Coach/Bus driver; is someone who transports people from a variety of places including work, school, shopping, he could drive National or International. Some drive regular routes, and others transport local or international passengers on chartered trips or sightseeing tours. He works from early morning until late at night and always with a smile (Driving License D, DE, D1 and C1E with minimum age 21 years with Driver CPC)

The Professional Truck driver

The Professional Truck driver

The Professional Truck driver; is somebody with unique skills. They can back into spaces most drivers couldn’t back their Fiat 500 into. They can manoeuvre a warehouse on wheels through city traffic and without the professional trucker you fridge would be empty and there would be nothing in Santa’s Stocking (Driving License C, CE, C1 and C1E with minimum age 21 years with Driver CPC)

The main categories of vehicles in the EU for the professional drivers are:

  • Category M: vehicles carrying passengers; Motor Vehicles with at least four wheels designed and constructed primarily for the carriage of persons and their luggage; cars, people carriers, minibuses, and buses
  • Category N: vehicles carrying goods; Motor Vehicles with at least four wheels designed and constructed primarily for the carriage of goods; light vans, vans, and trucks
  • Category L: vehicles with less than four wheels; Motorbikes, mopeds, trikes and quads
  • Category T: agricultural and forestry tractors and their trailers; Tractors

Vehicles that belong to category M or N are classified as:

  • light-duty vehicles (passenger cars and vans) or;
  • heavy-duty vehicles (trucks, buses, and coaches)

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Road freight transport is the backbone of trade and commerce on the European continent. Trucks carry 75% of freight transported over land, delivering 14 billion tonnes of goods per year.

Buses are the most widely-used form of public transport in the EU, serving cities as well as suburban and rural areas. They are also the most cost-efficient and flexible form of public transport, requiring minimal investments to launch new lines or routes.

Vans are key players in the logistics chain, enabling the ‘last mile’ delivery of goods in urban areas. Largely used by SMEs as business tools, vans power the European economy, helping businesses to thrive.

The Difference Between Truck, Van & Bus/Coach Drivers and Professional Drivers