Fleet monitoring and control from € 15.00


Fleet monitoring and control solution gives real time tracking of companies fleet and provides information that helps to reduce vehicles operating costs and save employee time.

Solution is made of hardware and software products that allows to monitor key vehicle activity parameters and provides means to control drivers.

All information is accessible on a web based platform TrustTrack. Solution is designed for various sized business and can be applied to all types of transport.

Monitor and control:

  • Speed
  • Route
  • Mileage
  • Fuel level and consumption
  • Working status and hours
  • Trip history
  • On-board computer data
  • Vehicle maintenance
Fleet monitoring and control
Fleet monitoring and control

How does it work?

  • GPS tracking device is installed in the vehicle;
  • Web based real time transport monitoring and control system is configured;
  • The data collected by GPS tracking device is sent to your web account, processed and presented for analysis.

This solution is designed for companies with large fleets and business with few vehicles. The solution can be implemented in trucks, light vehicles, agricultural machinery, special building machinery, buses etc.

Prices are from € 15.00 per months but please call us to more information, call now 076 2060 645