Eco-Drive from € 12.00



The aim of this solution is to teach drivers fuel efficient driving and to cut transport operation costs.

The main principles of Eco-Drive are to drive safely and not to waste fuel also reducing damage to the vehicle, environment and people health. This driving style also depends on opportunities provided by modern engines and vehicles.

A variety of reports on fuel efficient driving allow to analyze drivers performance and improve places where needed. Moreover an additional accessory – Eco-Drive panel gives the driver real time information about his actions that result in an uneconomical driving.

The data to enable Eco-Drive can be gathered from vehicles on-board computer, accelerometer and GPS. Collected data is processed in real time transport monitoring and control system TrustTrack which provides you with the insights on how to reduce and optimize fuel consumption.

Eco Drive
Eco Drive

Eco-Drive benefits:

  • Economic benefit – up to 20% reduced fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance costs.
  • Environmental benefit – lower exhaust gas emission and noise pollution.
  • Social benefit – improved driving skills and more comfortable trips to passengers.
  • Safety benefit – calmer driving style reduces risk of vehicle accidents.

Prices are from € 12.00 per months but please call us to more information, call now 076 2060 645