Driver Instruction – EU driver hours regulation

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This driver’s manual is designed for the targeted training of drivers. In an easy-to-understand manner, the driver will be informed about his duties and rights in respect of driving and rest periods. Mistakes and punishments can be avoided easily.

The corresponding separate driver confirmation for the employer has now been supplemented by the page “Extended documentation for the instruction”. This makes the detailed documentation of the driver’s manual for the entrepreneur even easier. Thus, the training, focus topics, equipment and vehicle type as well as the duration of the training can be determined accurately.

From the content:

Driving and rest times
Information on the handling of digital and analog control devices
Responsibilities of the driver
Penalties for breaches
Application areas
Exemptions and exemptions
Detachable confirmation for the employer – NEW: Extended documentation
QuickCheck card for the shirt pocket: The five most important points at a glance
In particular Regulation EU No 165/2014 Art. 33, Par. 1 and EU No 561/2006