Driver Instruction – Digital Tachograph

3.25 Excluding tax


This driver’s manual (dossier) explains the operation of the digital control unit.

Legally updated, in particular Regulation EU No 165/2014 Tachograph Regulation has been taken into account, takes care of chapters on display information while driving and when the vehicle is stationary, including numerous pictures as examples for illustration.

The driver’s instructions are specifically addressed to both truck and bus drivers.

1. Why, when and where
2. The four control cards
3. The digital tachograph
4. The pictograms’ used
5. How to read the print outs
6. The time in the digital tachograph
7. In daily use
8. The new digital tachograph generation
9. Controls and compulsory documentation
10. Storage requirements of data
11. Sanctions in case of infringement

With detachable driver confirmation for the employer.
(In particular Regulation EU No 165/2014 Art. 33, Par. 1)