digiDL Remote Download

360.00 Excluding tax


Remote Tachograph Download of the VU and Driver Card data, WI-FI and GPRS

With manual download of the Digital Tachograph wasting up to 2 man-days per vehicle per year it is time to embrace unattended vehicle downloads.  digiDL removes the headache of collecting Vehicle Unit and Driver Card Tachograph data manually.  It does this at a low cost and in the most efficient way possible.

With the digiDL setup in your vehicle(s) you can schedule unattended downloads to fit in with your requirements.

Stay in control of your data

With digiDL you decide where your data goes.  digiCentral, Tachosys’ standard server platform is supported by all the major UK bureau and some European bureau.  This means that your existing provider is likely to be able to immediately support the transfer of data from your digiDL.  The platform is also fully supported by Stoneridge.

The Tachosys Remote Download solution allows you to hold the Company Card(s) in your office. The card is placed permanently in a card reader on any PC which has a connection to the Internet. The digiDL makes a connection via WI-FI or GPRS to the Internet and in turn to your Company Card(s) via your service provider or the Tachosys digicentralWeb server. The process authenticates as if the Company Card were in the vehicle. digiDL can now perform a download and passes the file(s) to a nominated location via your company WI-FI or the GPRS network.

Real-Time Drivers Hours

The digiDL will send Drivers’ Hours data in real time allowing you to guide drivers and better plan around rest periods. Data is refreshed every 3 minutes whilst the vehicle is in operation.

Front Port Download

Some VDO tachographs will only download via the front port of the Tacho. This is sometimes referred to as download via K-Line. If your tacho requires front port download then you need to purchase the digiDL-E version.


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