digiDL-E Remote Download and GPS Tracking

410.00 Excluding tax


digiDL-E – Remote Download – GPS Tracking

digiDL-E allows you to remotely download Driver Cards and Vehicles whilst at the same time tracking their movement in real time.

The system shows the mode of the driver and how much driving time is available, essential information for planners. You can also keep an eye on overspeeding and aggressive driving behaviour (based on GPS), all on a timeline and integrated map. Please note that as these services are offered by relevant resellers the nature of services will vary.

Front Port Download (K-Line)

Some VDO tachographs will only remotely download via the front port. This is sometimes referred to as download via K-Line. The digiDL-E and digiDL-EX support front port download by means of a cable directly from the front port to a specific connection on the unit.