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Bus Driver Checklist
Bus Driver Checklist


Daily Walk Around Check and Defect Report APP – the Bus Driver Checklist

The Daily Electronic Vehicle Checks Improve Efficiency and be RSA Compliance.

If you want to maintain a robust defect recording system with a fully traceable route from defect to report to repair, then using an electronic based system is the solution for you.

Bus Driver Check List
Bus Driver Check List

User friendly – The Bus Driver Check List app enables the user record a bus walk around check through a very easy to use mobile app. Each step is recorded and is stored on the phone and on our servers.

Web Portal – All checks carried out can be seen in our webportal in realtime. Filtered reports, action groupings and our customized dashboard are all included.

Easy and Intuitive – Each driver can easily go through each step and simply select either pass or fail. Entering mileage ,registration, signature and any possible visual fails and that is it. Each check can be viewed and shared through the app

Real Time Access – Companies can now monitor and record all tests results for there entire fleet and create bespoke test platforms that suit there needs. All data from each app can work over 2g/3g/4g or WiFi


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