IVECO S-WAY launched


With a brand-new cab, outstanding fuel efficiency and advanced technology & connectivity, the IVECO S-WAY truck is a complete transport solution designed to provide excellent life on board conditions to drivers and offerings a winning solution to owners by enhancing their competitiveness and Total Cost of Ownership.

It is set to be the aspirational truck of every driver: designed around their needs, the new cab is spacious, rich in comfort features and advanced technologies. It truly is your home from home. IVECO S-WAY is a 100% connected truck which opens a new era in fleet management and onboard living. Its advanced connectivity ensures that drivers are always in contact with their fleet manager, IVECO support specialists and the IVECO dealer network so that they’re never alone on the road.




An entirely new cab that takes aerodynamic performance to a new level, increasing the vehicle’s excellent fuel efficiency further by up to 4%.

It has been redesigned from the ground up to deliver multiple benefits for customers – from fuel economy and lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), to greater driver safety.
Every detail of the cab exterior has been carefully examined to minimise air resistance.

  • The new roof is perfectly integrated into the front end of the vehicle
  • front grille with high radius corners and side fins
  • new multi-piece bumper design with integrated deflectors
  • optimised aerodynamic kit and side skirts with rubber extensions
  • full led headlights
  • new door design which extends up to the second step
  • integrated parking cooler

The IVECO S-WAY has been developed with a strong focus on the driver, and the new cab has been redesigned and reinforced to ensure high levels of passive safety.

The new design also provides greatly enhanced direct visibility for the driver with the one-piece side windows and rear-view mirrors.

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