First TIR truck trip between China and Europe

First TIR truck trip between China and Europe, 50 percent cheaper than air transport and 30 to 50 percent faster than train transport

A truck from the Dutch transport company Alblas took 13 days to cover the 7000 kilometer stretch between the Chinese border with Kazakhstan and Poland

For the first time, a truck has connected China with Europe in a continuous overland journey under the conditions of the Carnet TIR procedure. The overland route between China and Europe has proven as a good alternative to the air and waterway. The trip was a joint project of Alblas, Ceva Logistics, Shanghai Jet-Rail International Transport and the International Road Transport Union (IRU). The truck drove through Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus all the way to Poland. There were no problems with the controls on the TIR procedure in any of the countries.

Ceva started in May to plan a land connection between China and Europe by truck. According to Ceva, freight transport by truck between China and Europe is 50 percent cheaper than by air. With a driving duration of ten to 15 days, the transport is also 30 to 50 percent faster than the transport by train.

Building on the successful of the test drive, Ceva will now plan regular traffic on this route. The offer should be in the coming months. “We have a lot of customers waiting for such a service,” says Bengtsson.


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