EU Transport ministers agree on social standards for professional truck and bus/coach drivers.

The EU has taken a step forward on the road to uniform social standards for professional drivers. Europe’s transport ministers agreed to recognize the principle of “equal pay for equal work in the same place”, and improved controls and the maintenance of existing cabotage regulations. In addition, regular weekly rest periods will require of the professional drivers to spend outside the cab.

The agreement will bring fairer rules for drivers and haulers and greater efficiency of controls, said the EU Council President, Austrian Transport Minister Norbert Hofer following the meeting. “Professional drivers will benefit from better working conditions, and companies operating in the several Member States will get greater legal certainty and less red tape,” he said.

The transport operator should ensure that their work plans are organized so that drivers can return home at least every four weeks. With two shorter weekend rest periods, this should already be the case after three weeks. The principle “equal pay for equal work in the same place” is generally recognized.


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