Mobility Package 1 is in force and the social provisions on driving times and rest conditions of drivers have been applying since 20 August 2020.

We prepared the following first set of Questions and Answers to address most pressing implementation questions raised by the sector. This will be gradually complemented by further questions and answers on the other provisions of Mobility Package 1, where necessary.

It should serve as the guide for drivers, road transport operators and enforcers to ensure that the rules are applied and controlled in a harmonized manner throughout the EU.

Mobility Package 1 Q&A – Border crossing (20.08.2020)

REGULATION (EU) No 165/2014 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 4 February 2014 on tachographs in road transport, repealing Council Regulation (EEC) No 3821/85 on recording equipment in road transport and amending Regulation (EC) No 561/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the harmonisation of certain social legislation relating […]

Mobililty Package 1 Q&A – Ban to take a regular weekly rest in the cabin of the vehicle (20.08.2020)

Ban on regular weekly rest periods taken in a vehicle (20.08.2020) The regular weekly rest periods and any weekly rest period of more than 45 hours taken in compensation for previous reduced weekly rest periods shall not be taken in a vehicle They shall be taken in suitable gender-friendly accommodation with adequate sleeping and sanitary […]

Mobility Package 1 Q&A – Return of drivers to the base or home (20.08.2020)

Return of the driver to the company’s operations centre or his/her home (20.08.2020) The Mobility Package requires the carrier to organise the drivers’ work in such a way that they are able to return to the operations centre (base) or his/her place of residence in order to take the required appropriate rest. During this time […]

EU Drivers Hours rules change today: 20th August 2020

  From today, Thursday 20th August 2020, there will be some changes to EU Drivers Hours rules. These include: A major reform of the EU road transport sector, known as the mobility package. The new rules will improve drivers’ working conditions, introduce special posting rules for drivers in international transport, and update provisions on access […]

Mobility Package and the headlines in the media

As soon as Mobility Package was adopted by the European Parliament on July 9, 2020, it was reported in all the media. Almost every report was overwritten with a statement that is so general and out of context that it does not correspond to the truth. And the key message of the heading was often […]

Truck Parking

Mobility package: Transport Committee backs deal with EU Ministers

  • Clear rules on posting of drivers

  • Better enforcement to fight illegal practices

  • Improved rules on drivers’ rest times


A deal between Parliament and Finnish Presidency negotiators on reforming the road transport sector was approved by the Transport and Tourism Committee on Tuesday.

The revised rules for posting of drivers, drivers’ rest times and better enforcement of cabotage rules (i.e. transport of goods carried out by non-resident hauliers on a temporary basis in a host member state) aim to put an end to distortion of competition in the road transport sector and provide better rest conditions for drivers.

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