Blog: Digital Tachograph

Mobility Package and the headlines in the media

As soon as Mobility Package was adopted by the European Parliament on July 9, 2020, it was reported in all the media. Almost every report was overwritten with a statement that is so general and out of context that it does not correspond to the truth. And the key message of the heading was often […]

EFAS 5 Smart Tachograph

Driver training mandatory on the Smart Tachograph

The new generation of tachographs is already in use in the first vehicles and from 15.06.2019 mandatory for vehicles registered for the first time. But many entrepreneurs do not seem to attach any importance to the introduction of the new, intelligent tachograph. What is new, what has to be considered and does the driver know […]

European Court of Justice judgment on the recording of working hours

A recent ruling by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) is once again causing a stir and excitement. There is the talk of bureaucracy monsters and regression in the age of trust work. It is about the obligation to record the working hours of employees. What will the decision really change in the company? It […]