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MAN TGX – the ideal solution for long-haul transport

With the latest generation of the MAN TipMatic® Fleet and the SmartShifting strategy, the MAN TGX reaches its destination even more quickly and efficiently. The complete design upgrade of the exterior and interior creates a clear visual contrast between workspace and living area. For the perfect sound on board, the MAN Media Truck (MMT) Advanced […]

Coach for connoisseurs – the MAN Lion’s Coach

The MAN Lion’s Coach brings all of its passengers safely, comfortably and stylishly into foreign countries and distant cities. For travel with total freedom, the coach provides ultimate comfort, maximum safety and an exemplary environmental balance. Additionally, its powerful engines and dynamic vehicle handling allow it to deliver a very convincing performance. But the MAN […]

Established over a century ago, the Plaxton

Established over a century ago, the Plaxton name has become a staple of the passenger transport industry in Britain and beyond. It is estimated that there are more than 20,000 of our buses and coaches currently in service around the world, testimony to the engineering which goes into every one of our products.

Mercedes-Benz is testing electric trucks for hauliers

The vehicle manufacturer Mercedes-Daimler is already planning to produce a first small series of the urban electric truck Urban eTruck this year and to make it available to customers. Daimler had presented the vehicle, which is to reach reach distances of 200 kilometers in the distribution network, in September at the IAA Commercial Vehicles.

Setra TopClass HDH models.

Travel at its very best. With the HDH models from the TopClass, the trip itself promises to be an impressive travel experience. They raise comfort in a touring coach to an all-new level. Their luxurious amenities give the passengers a truly exceptional and very exclusive travel feeling.

Mercedes-Benz Tourismo

With over 12,000 vehicles on the road, the Tourismo is one of Europe’s most successful touring coaches. The latest generation of this high-comfort all-rounder offers you a host of new features and improvements and will quickly become an indispensable part of your fleet. Now’s the time to get on board.

EU Commercial vehicle registrations: +11.6% in 2016

Total new commercial vehicles registered in the EU In 2016, the EU market showed consistent growth (+11.6%) and rose for the fourth year in a row, reaching 2,324,371 million commercial vehicles registered. Throughout the year, the five big markets performed better than in 2015. Italy (+49.9%) showed the most significant increase, followed by Spain (+11.3%), […]

London and Ford plug-in for cleaner air

The cost of sitting in traffic is more than just time. It’s also hopelessly inefficient, pumping thousands of tons of CO2 into the air while drivers just sit there, engine idling and blood boiling. Ford has teamed up with the City of London to cut pollution caused by commercial vehicles in traffic, with a fleet […]